I once wrote a dreadful poem about a Day Dawning and my worldview changing in the same fraction of time it takes for the sun to break over the horizon.  I feel like seismic shifts happen to me often, but I only suddenly notice them, as if by strike of lightning.

Particularly aware of turning 60 next year.  In 8 months time.  But in 28 weeks, I will meet my closet friend in the world, whom I’ve known since before birth – our mother’s were best friends – we are 3 months apart in age – we will meet in Iceland for a 7 day trip of a lifetime!

As you can see, she is in fine physical condition. A Pilates instructor, with the vocation to teach exercise to Senior Citizens, Caroline is as beautiful inside as she is out.  I, on the other hand, am not the looker I once was and have always struggled with my weight. After my last bout with the Whole 30 Challenge, I had given up. I headed into my eldest daughter’s wedding, 37 lbs overweight and as unfit as I’ve ever been.

Terrible. But I could live with it, and felt fine… until I realized that when you go to Iceland, you can’t get to anything worth seeing by car or coach.  You need to walk it. Hike.  Bicycle or ride a horse.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never found an exercise I enjoy for long.  A bit of a swim on a hot day.  A  gentle stroll on the beach.  A game of tennis where the person hits the ball to me… well, if they want it back, why hit it out of my reach?… and when my serve is on form… well, tennis can be fun. But not for more than about 15 – 20 minutes. HIKING?

Ok, I can walk 2 miles 3x a week. And so, some weeks. On the flat concrete pavements in my development.  I don’t usually go 3 times a week, but I often do once.  Then I feel stiff and exhausted and I need a break to recover. How about you?


Well, what if I could lose 37 lbs in 28 weeks, and get fit in the process?  It would require losing 1.3214285 lbs per week.  Surely doable. But for the fact that there is Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter all to come during those 28 weeks.

Furthermore… I’ve done Whole 30. No grain, no sugar, no legumes, no diary, no soy, no alcohol. Lost 10 lbs, did feel better but it’s not sustainable. Weight came back on, but not over the starting weight.

I’ve done the Dukan Diet. No carbs, and veg every other day. Lost 60+ pounds in 5 months. Brilliant, but not sustainable. Plus the rolls of skin from losing that much weight that fast are a problem today. It was painful, but fast.  With great results, and I had a friend on it, so that helped. The weight came back on gradually,  and stopped 10 pounds lighter than the starting weight, but now, there is new fat on top of former fat, and the sagging empty skin has new fat on top. It looks really weird. And unattractive.  Which I don’t care that much about, I just wish it was a bit easier to look presentable in clothes.  I know I’m 59 and look it.That’s fine.

Plus, I’m not doing Weight Watchers, South Beach, Isagenix, Arbonne or any other blasted thing again.  It’s not sustainable.

So, what choice is there?

Somehow burn more calories than I take in.

It’s a good concept.  Sounds reasonable enough.  But can you go straight into an exercise program without very considerable pain, muscle strain and horror, both for the participants and for yourself?

Enter PureBarre.  I was very keen on dance as a kid. Then my thighs thickened and my G sized cup started to emerge and that was the end of ballet, tap and stage.  But PureBarre might be similar enough to be fun.  And Pilates might work.  And yoga might not be as terrible as that one time I tried it up North, after which I couldn’t move for 3 weeks!  Even Tai Chi’s not terrible if you take a seniors’ version.

Well, I don’t know. But I’ll start PureBarre tomorrow. In a lunchtime class that is very poorly attended.  What a luck!






Turning 60

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